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 1. Preambale

M P STATE AGRO INDUSTRIES Development Corp Ltd ,Bhopal stands committed to the social  and economic development of the communities in which it operates.The company”s commitment towards this includes contributing to institutions which  are engaged inA ctivities  alingned to the  activities forming part of the CSR policies.

2. Purpose

  • This key purpose of this policy is to:
  • Define what CSR means to us  and the approach adopted to  achieve our CSR goals.
  • Define the kind of projects that will come under the  ambit of CSR.
  • Identify broad areas of intervention in which the company will undertake projects.
  • Serve as a guiding document to help execute and moniter CSR projects.
  • Establish criteria for partner implementionA gencies.

3. Policy Statement

The CSR Policy of M P STATE AGRO INDUSTRIES Develoment Corportion Ltd Bhopal focuses on addressing critical social,environmental  and economic needs of the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society. We adopt  an approach that integrates the solutions to these problems into the strategies of the company to benefit the communities at large and create social and environmental impact.The policy includes contributing ora adopting projects in the following  areas of intervention defined in Schedule VII of the Companies  act.

  • Eredicating extreme hunger and poverty Promotion of Promoting gender equality & empowering women
  • Reducing child morality and improving material health
  • combatinghuman immune deficiency virus,acquired immune deficiency
  • syndrome, malaria and other diseases
  • ensuring environmental sustainability
  • employment enhancing vocational skills
  • social business projects

Company have  at present focus on  activities of eradicating extreme hunger and poverty by providing shelter for Aangan badi Kendra  and other defined in Schedule VII as may be identified in future by the committee.

4. Scope of CSR activites

We classify only those projects which are not forming part of the normal course of business of the company. all our CSR projects will be reviewed and updated by the CSR committee of the Board.The normal course of business of the company is to Trading of  agriculture  activity and Setting of Bio Gas Plants and supply of Ready to eat products etc.

5. Governance Structure

The company has constituted CSR committee consisting of three directors from the Board of Directors including the Chairman , Managing Director and Director to oversee the implemention of the CSR policy of the company in accordance with the requirement of Section 135 of the Companies act.

The responsibilities of the CSR committee include

  • The CSR Committee shall indicate the activies to be undertaken by the company as specified in Sch VII.
  • The CSR Committee shall recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred every financial year at least 2 percent of the  average net profits of the company calculated under section 198 of the  act, made during the three immediately preceding financial years.

Any other executive of the company associated with the CSR  activities of the company will report to the CSR committee for all CSR projects undertaken.

6. Budget

The total Budget for the CSR projects will be decided by the CSR committee.



पंचानन भवन,तृतीय तल , भोपाल इंडिया ,पिन - 462003

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पंचानन भवन,तृतीय तल , भोपाल इंडिया ,पिन - 462003


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